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A viewer’s interpretation of a work of art will change the piece or complete it in a way other than how the artist completes it, which can make it more personal for each viewer.

Forms of Digital Art

Every object, even the virtual one is about its own materiality – which informs the ways in which it creates meaning.


Film, Video, Animation, Internet and Software art, Virtual Reality, Musical Environments. – all forms of installation

Science increasingly relies on simulation in its use of 3d worlds, virtual reality, and immersive environments.  Art is exploring these same environments – sometimes using scientific data – in an attempt to construct realities and ways of communicating

Film, video, and animation:

The concept of the film, video and animation is plain images with movement involved. Film, video and animation play a roll in installation.  Lev Manovich has pointed out, digital media in many ways have redefined the very identity of cinema, as we know it today. Interactivity is another aspect of the digital medium that has profound impacted on narrative and non-narrative film, and is connected to the elements from compilation of image sequences.

Internet and nomadic networks

New forms of digital expressions have come through on the Internet.  The Thing was one of the first art organizations on the web.  Internet art has been around since the early days of the Internet.  Europe had a core group of artists that were connected in online emailing.

Software Art

Software is generally defined as formal instructions that can be executed by a computer. Software is usually applied to projects that have been written from scratch by artist and run locally on a computer. It is with or with our incorporating live data from a network.

Virtual Reality

With virtual reality the viewer gets placed into an alternate world.  Charlotte Davies is famous for her work in virtual reality.  She sends them into different worlds in all different settings.  Virtual reality has become very popular in video games.

5 Pieces

Erwin Redl, Shifting Very Slowly, and Matrix IV

Wolfgang Staehle, Empire 24/7

Rarael Lozano-Hemmer, with WIll Bauer and Susie Ramsay. Displaces Emperors (Relational Architecture #2)

Jim Campbell, 5h Avenue Cutaway #2

Discussion question – How many people actually enjoy this book?



PJ Ladd is a beast.  That being said, I decided to take a picture of him and, using the picture preview program, I copied and pasted small pieces of the original picture in an attempt to establish a frame based perception of movement. PJ_FULL